Fair Trade Photography Project



Project Overview

The fair trade photography project is a social enterprise which produces fair trade photo products. The photos on the products are taken by teenagers from Peru (and other countries where it operates). You see the face, name and age of the photographer on the back of each card. The project offers the young people involved photography training, a medical fund and guidance in making their future plans. The teenagers get 50% of the profits of the sale of their own photos to finance their housing and education. The other 50% is used for investments in the company.

Your task as a volunteer is to contribute to guiding underprivileged teenagers in producing quality photos for the fair trade products, with the goal of personal development and income support for these teenagers. The activities consist of preparing and giving photography lessons and other training that contribute to the development of the teenagers their self-esteem, future plans and English language skills. This project has the potential to completely turn around the lives of the participating teenagers and already has some inspiring success stories of how these young people break the chains of poverty in which they were locked. So what are you waiting for, apply today!

Volunteer Roles/Working Hours:

The workshops for the young people run for three hours at a time, four days a week (Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons and Saturday mornings). The remainder of your time will be spent preparing the classes, helping to sort through the photos taken by the young people and meeting with the management.

The following roles are available to volunteers:

  1. Photography & creativity trainer for the 10 Peruvian teenagers
  2. Trainer for social abilities and personal development workshops for the teenagers
  3. Translator & teacher: Spanish-English and English-Spanish translation during the photography lessons (if there is a volunteer who does not speak Spanish) and giving English lessons to the teenagers.


Volunteer Requirements:

  • Spanish level: Intermediate
  • Minimum commitment of 6 weeks
  • Flexible and open-minded
  • Interest and some experience with working with teenagers (13-18 years old)
  • Able to work independently and structured
  • Creative and flexible in organizing activities

If you are interested in volunteering with this project, please also provide us with information about:

a) Your personal motivation to volunteer at this project. Which of the vacancies mentioned suit you and why? 
b) What your expectations are. Describe how you imagine a day working at the project to be. Your expectations are important to avoid disappointments later on. 
c) Your resumé (stating age, education and past work and volunteer experiences). 
d) Your availability: when exactly do you want to come and for how long do you want to stay?


Minimum Age (on Arrival)Level of SpanishMinimum Time Commitment
18+IntermediateMin. 6 weeks
Type of Role(s)
Level of Project Structure
Well-structured - Well established project with roles reasonably clear - some volunteer adaptability and flexibility still required
Specific Skills/Experience Required
None! We only expect you to have a passion for photography and the enthusiasm to share this passion with teenagers. It is also important to realise that this project is a social enterprise which depends on the sale of its photos (not on donations!) so you will be asked to focus at least part of the lesson programme on photography for greetings cards working on themes such as birthdays, births, weddings, condolences, etc. More information about this can be provided if/when you are accepted to volunteer on the project! Volunteers may be subjected to a full criminal record check.

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