Cooking/helping/waiter at a vegetarian restaurant

The Otra Cosa Restaurant is now a completely separate company from the Otra Cosa Network. It is run by Berry (Dutch) and Milagros (Peruvian) and set in a beautiful, large villa-style house with a perfect sea view – a very attractive location to spend your working day. Serving up healthy, organic and locally produced dishes to local and tourist clientele alike, volunteering at Otra Cosa Restaurant is a sociable and enriching position.

In addition to a restaurant, Otra Cosa also houses a small fair trade shop, a book exchange, a comfy chill out area to watch any of their large selection of DVDs as well as two rooms for rent to the public. When Otra Cosa volunteers are working, 50% of the restaurant tips are made available to other Otra Cosa projects. With plenty to offer and a great variety of platos on the menu, working here is an excellent option for those interested in hospitality or gastronomy.

Volunteer Roles/Working Hours:

Working alongside 6 members of staff, there are vacancies for 1-2 volunteers to join the team and help out in the kitchen or serving food and drinks. You will usually be required to work 4 or 5 days a week on one of two shifts, either from 8am to 3pm or 3pm to 10pm. Anyone who has experience as a Chef is also more than welcome to have their input in the cooking. As the staff are locals, as well as many of the customers, it is important that you have at least a basic grasp of the Spanish language in order to communicate appropriately with others. We recommend that if you need to improve your Spanish, you then take further lessons on arrival.

As with any restaurant, there are slow days and days on which you will be rushed off your feet- you need to be able to appreciate this fact with patience and take the initiative to find yourself other jobs when there are not customers to serve. Experience in this sector is always helpful; however is not an essential requirement as guidance and training will be provided in full. Furthermore, with a new array of cocktails to be added, experienced bartenders are more than welcome to join the team.

As Otra Cosa Restaurant is a tourist-centred business, there is of course a high and low season. Because of this, there is usually only demand for volunteers during the peak season which runs from December through to May.

Volunteer Requirements

It is important that you are flexible and responsible with regards to work. You need to be able to commit to working regularly. As a customer-facing role your attitude and appearance is very important.

Minimum Age (on Arrival)Level of SpanishMinimum Time Commitment
18+Basic to IntermediateMin. 1 month
Type of Role(s)
Level of Project Structure
Well-structured - Well established project with roles reasonably clear - but some volunteer adaptability and flexibility still required
Specific Skills/Experience Required
Volunteers must have experience/ strong interest in cooking and vegetarian food. Experience in relevant industries such as restaurants and bars would be an advantage.

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