Supporting a Local Health Clinic as a Dr., Nurse or Medical Assistant

In August 2011 the local government opened Health Office in Huanchaquito, similar to "COPC" (Clinic for Outpatient Care), in order to look after the health of the population in Huanchaquito, as people used to have to walk long way to Clas Huanchaco for medical/health services.

The Huanchaquito Health Office only provides basic medical services to around 300 people and the very tight budget it works from (just 200 soles a month) allows them to afford only 4 part-time employees. This makes it hard for them to provide adequate healthcare for the local population. The mission of the Huanchaquito Health Office is to promote, protect and guarantee good health and life quality for the local population through a great and warm service. They work according to human values, respect and trust, with their main objectives being to adequately serve the local population as well as encouraging community participation in order to reduce death rates and statistics.

With the aid of volunteers, Huanchaquito Health Office aims to reach out to a larger population and keep more contact with community through family visits, outreach work and public campaigns. Volunteers will be involved with helping to promote and maintain the effective, warm and efficient services provided by the Huanchaquito Health Office.


  • For medical students: volunteer's role at the clinic/health offices is limited to observing/assisting the doctors and nurses while they are attending patients and doing the visits to local communities and local schools. However, volunteers can work on awareness building campaigns and workshops on various health related issues with local clinics and other network projects. It is also possible to visit rural families throughout the area to share information about nutrition, vaccines and the services available for expectant mothers and children. Support with planning and implementing trainings and workshops on preventative care, vaccinations for children and families will also be very valuable.
  • For certified doctors/nurses: we can develop specific roles and tasks depending on skills and experience of each volunteer and the needs of the clinics, health offices and local communities



8 am - 1 pm, Monday - Saturday (Can be negotiated, but Monday and Saturday are usually the busiest day at the clinic, especially at the nurse's station.)


  • Spanish Level: Advanced

  • Time commitment: 1 month minimum - the longer the better!

  • Minimum Age: 21 years old

  • Medical students: must be in their final year of education, recommendation letter from the university (and then its translation in Spanish. it doesn't have to be officially translated)

  • Copy of your certification as a doctor/nurse

  • CV and Motivation letter in Spanish

Minimum Age (on Arrival)Level of SpanishMinimum Time Commitment
21+AdvancedMin. 1 month
LocationAround Huanchaco
Type of Role(s)Health and social work
Social work
Level of Project Structure
Unstructured - Completely new project and/or run on spontaneous day to day basis with no clear roles - volunteers new to be confident personalities prepared to take initiative and thrive on uncertainty
Specific Skills/Experience Required
Volunteers must be either certified doctors or students enrolled in medical schools. Volunteers must submit copies of relevant documents (certificate, CV and the recommendation letter from academic adviser) to apply.

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