Juvenile Justice and Rehabilitation Programme


This project is perfect for those interested in, or qualified in, Social Work or Psychology. The project is in coordination with the municipal government of Trujillo.  There are a number of different opportunities for volunteers in terms of both populations of the youth as well as activities.  Some of the departments visit adolescents in nearby neighbourhoods of Trujillo, where the children are living in impoverished environments and have been identified as being at a high risk of delinquency and gang involvement. Activities range from teaching English, therapeutic activities, teaching dance, and accompanying social workers on parental visits. Activities of volunteers are based on experience and interest.

Other volunteer projects with the Fiscalia take place within the city offices and the populations include teens who have committed minor delinquencies but have been identified as being strong candidates for rehabilitation rather than incarceration.  With this population, activities range from teaching sports, yoga, relaxation, anger management and other therapeutic activities, and teaching English.  Again, activities are based on the volunteers' interest and skill set.

Working with the Fiscalia projects is facilitated more efficiently if the volunteer has an intermediate level of Spanish and some experience working with adolescents.

Minimum Age (on Arrival)Level of SpanishMinimum Time Commitment
21+AdvancedMin. 2 months
LocationCentral Trujillo city
Type of Role(s)Health and social work
Social work
Level of Project Structure
The roles of the volunteer can be plentiful and will highly depend on the person’s wishes and skills. The volunteer can help with the general organisation, coordination, and implementations of the activities for the programme. The volunteer can help document the activities and events by taking photos and editing videos to share with the community. They can develop and/or lead different workshops with the teenagers (professional training, artistic or sport workshops, and family planning talks). The key role of the volunteer is to socialise with the teenagers, to exchange and bring a smile! Office hours are usually from 8am to 2pm. The volunteer might need to go to the office about 3 times a week. The volunteer will need to be very flexible as the schedule will change from week to week. Activities with the teenagers take place every Friday evening from 7 to 10pm, for which the Fiscalia arranges transportation. Additional activities might be planned throughout the month like an outing at a touristic sight for the teenagers or a sport day. In that case, the volunteer would be expected to go along with the team and the teenagers.
Specific Skills/Experience Required
Intermediate to Advanced level of Spanish. Flexibility! Dress code: The prosecutors require the volunteer to have a non-provocative dress code as the team in charge needs to stand as role models for the teenagers. Tattoos and piercings if existing need to be non-apparent. Skills, experience: Volunteers with social work experience or specific skill sets that can be taught to the teenagers will of course be of high value to the project. Nevertheless, inexperienced volunteers will also be good help by simply chatting with the teenagers and helping out with the organisation.

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