HELP Literacy: Girls' LitClub Assistant

N.B. This is a part-time project and so would be ideal to combine with another project.

Otra Cosa Network has the amazing opportunity to work with LitWorld, an international organisation which promotes literacy skills and builds self-confidence in young girls from a more disadvantaged background. Girls'LitClub in Cerrito de la Virgin is LitWorld’s first Latin American project and so far has been a fantastic success. From May 2015 we will be starting a second Girls' LitClub, this time in another of Huanchaco's shanty-towns, Las Lomas.

Volunteers work with a local teacher and coordinate with the organisation in New York all whilst having a great time working with the girls, encouraging creativity and freedom of expression using the LitWord curriculum – and of course their own excellent ideas. Volunteers with all levels of Spanish are able to work with LitClub (especially as it is a great way to improve their Spanish language skills) but having an intermediate or higher knowledge of Spanish would be particularly useful.  LitClub runs one afternoon a week (from May 2015 this will be twice a week - once in Cerrito de la Virgen and once in Las Lomas), but there is more work involved, organising materials and planning lessons. It is a perfect project to combine with others!

LitClub is truly an amazing project; it is wonderful to watch the girls become more and more confident in themselves and in their ideas, which they express through writing, reading, drawing and storytelling. The project requires enthusiastic volunteers who are passionate about reading and writing and good with relating to others.  LitClub is a very rewarding project and a good challenge - we look forward to seeing you there!

For more photos of our work with LitClub, please visit our Facebook page here

For more information about LitWorld, please visit there website

Volunteer Roles/Working Hours

  • Encourage creativity
  • Encourage self-expression
  • Improve literacy skills, both reading and writing
  • Build confidence levels
  • Follow the tried methods of LitWorld

Currently the club is open in Cerrito de la Virgen on Fridays from 3.00 - 6.00pm, all year round. From May 2015 it will also be open in Las Lomas on Wednesdays from 3.00 - 6.00pm, all year round. There will also be the need for more time to prepare and plan lessons, and organise craft activities. This is a part-time project and so would be great to combine with another project.

Volunteer Requirements

  • Age 18+ on arrival
  • Basic to Intermediate Spanish (also a great way to improve your Spanish!)
  • Minimum commitment 4 weeks
  • Passionate about working with children
  • Previous experience working with children an advantage

Minimum Age (on Arrival)Level of SpanishMinimum Time Commitment
18+IntermediateMin. 1 month
LocationAround Huanchaco
Type of Role(s)
Level of Project Structure
Structured - new initiative in Peru, but needs to follow the LitWorld programme.
Specific Skills/Experience Required
No formal skills required, just a willingness to help give the children the confidence to express themselves, and develop their reading and writing skills.

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